The guy told his mother that he would not come alone, but the guest turned out to be a small kitten

One day, 21-year-old Jody called and told his mother that he would visit her not alone. Jody immediately thought that he would come with his ex-girlfriend and was delighted because she treated her very well.

Jody’s son found a little kitten at the paintball club where he works. The baby was hiding under the stairs in fear, and the guy immediately decided to pick him up. The poor kitten was alone for several days, and now it has a new caring dad and grandmother.

“When I saw that it was not a girl, but a kitten, I was very surprised. But even more I was surprised how tiny and cute it was. The kitten has a great character, it is very playful and quite developed for its age,” says Jody’s mom. The rescued baby, who has not been named yet , was delighted, frolicking tirelessly in his grandmother’s house. And it even made itself a friend – a soft pillow with a picture of a cat. The kitten had a great time visiting its grandmother and seems to be happy to visit her in the future.

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