Thomas’s long journey to his home

Denise Mann, in love with the Mini Schnauzer breed, was getting her pedicure when a close friend told her about Thomas. A half-breed terrier was found in a box in Texas that was supposed to be destroyed. “They kill little puppies in a lot of states which will have a lot of trouble by getting adopted.

Therefore, the Waggytail rescue team was quickly called, which helped send Thomas to New York to my house, ”Denise shares the story.
The dog was delivered safe and was in good physical state, apart from a slight drugged condition. She was loaded into it, apparently, for the duration of the trip. “I told my husband about everything, he wrapped him in a warm blanket and said that this is our dog, and no one will leave it” says Deniz.

“Thomas and our other dog, Perry the Schnauzer, are now real best friends. They play together, have fun and run around the yard. Perry and Thomas love to play with our children, they all became friends very quickly and fill our house with joy.”

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