A guinea pig has brought up little rabbits

12 little guinea pig cubs were born in a zoo gallery in Irkutsk, three mothers looked after them very well. Almost immediately after them, five rabbits were born in the same enclosure, whose mother abandoned them due to lack of milk.

The rabbit, named Bunny, simply hid in another corner of the enclosure and did not approach its children.
The zoo staff decided to wait a few days in the hope that Bunny would return to its children. But this did not happen. People were surprised as they noticed that the little rabbits were being fed by guinea pigs.

It all happened by accident, the guinea pig fed her babies, who were near the rabbits. One of the abandoned cubs heard the smell of milk and crawled up to the guinea pigs, and the rest of the kids followed suit.
A female guinea pig nursed 12 of her own and five adopted children for a month. Now they are all seated in different cages, and most of them have been distributed.

The most amazing thing is that these animals do not even belong to the closest relatives. However, this fact did not prevent the guinea pig from saving the baby rabbits.

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