In the US, a kitten named “Dog” helps to train dogs

The cheerful black and white kitten works in St. Louis, USA at the Support Dogs training center. It was given the nickname “DOG”, but they spell it “DIOG”.

The little prankster considers itself the real boss of the 23 pupils of the center, as well as the talisman of the entire organization.Support Dogs director Nadine Wenig picked up the dog from an old barn where it lived with other cats. At that time, the kitten had not encountered people yet , but somehow it understood that this lady could be trusted, so it simply walked up to her and began to rub against her leg. Now the DOG lives in the center and does a very important job – helping people to train the dogs.

“We train pets to help people who have multiple needs,” says Ann Klein, CEO of the center, “and sometimes those who have pets. A dog is the perfect training object – it’s a great test of ability.

However, for DOG, this is not just a job, but a way of life.

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