The Puppy has found a stray kitten and three years later they are still friends

Leah Spilka’s pets are Opie the dog, Roscoe the cat and another dog. Three years ago, the then-puppy Opie sniffed under a log of a small, barely alive kitten.

Leah Spilka shared on the Web a touching story of acquaintance and friendship of her furry friends. Once, on a walk with Opie, she saw a barely alive kitten under a log, over which flies were already flying. The attention of the hostess to the find was attracted by the fidget Opie. The woman could not get past the poor thing and took him to the vet. The kitten was cleaned and cured, after that they named Roscoe and gave it to Leah’s care.

After 10 days, the kitten opened its eyes, and the Opie puppy was nearby all this time, as if supporting the baby. Roscoe and Opie began to sleep, eat, walk, play together – in general, be friends. Roscoe grew and grew stronger every day, it got along well not only with Opie, but also with another dog in Leah’s house.

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