Rescued dog Nora is afraid of everyone except baby Archie

A dog named Nora is afraid of all people, except the baby. It is very attached to the keeper’s child, whose name is Archie. Nora spends so much time with the boy, they are almost inseparable.

When little Nora was a puppy, its owners bullied the dog. This greatly affected the dog, even in a new family, it is afraid of all living beings. The only person Nora is not afraid of is a small child.

The owner of the pet says that seven years ago they took Nora from the shelter of the English pointer, then they had no children yet. Over time, this baby has become the perfect family animal.The family of Elizabeth and her husband now has three children, three cats and three dogs from the animal shelter. Elizabeth is very happy that her child and the dog has developed such a warm relationship.

The head of the Spence family says that Archie is a very good natured kid, and all the pets, especially Nora, feel it.
The woman tries to capture every moment of this sweet friendship. Parents teach children from an early age to treat pets with respect and take care of them. And dogs, in turn, trust the kids and love to have fun with them.

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