Wiggy and Ty are friends sent to each other by fate

Before Wiggy, little seven years old Ty had struggled with everything on his own. According to mom Megan Penrose from California.The boy had a hard time at school, theparents were far from him, and relationships did not work out with friends.

“Over the past year, three dogs that we doted on have died, and our beloved grandmother has fallen seriously ill,” Penrose said. “There are no words to describe the horror of what happened.”

The only thing that made Ty happy was volunteering to walk the dogs at the Dog Rescue Service. Once they got a puppy from the Central Valley, which was saved from death. It was scared and in despair. As a puppy, it suffered a lot, and this caused it to twitch the nerve in its face. For several weeks, Ty took care of the dog, helped with the medicines on schedule and gave it all its warmth, kindness, care and love. Since then, Wiggy and Ty have been inseparable. They changed each other’s lives and filled them with meaning.

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