The cat gives gifts to its owners every morning

The Cat Charlie starts every day with gifts – on the stairs leading from the master bedrooms to the lower floor of the house, he arranges his toys.

Charlie was picked up on the street when he was about 3 months old. He has grown up to be very affectionate and playful. About six months ago, the owners began to notice that Charlie left on the stairs every morning those simple toys with which he played the day before – rubber bands, ropes, toy mice.

At first, the family thought that Charlie was playing with his toys until late and just left them there, but over time they realized that Charlie was seriously preparing a welcome installation. The cat began to carefully select items for the “exhibition”. Now these were not cat toys, but things that the owners needed, things that, according to the cat, they should be happy in the morning: ties, hair clips, hair bands and other accessories. Having laid out the gifts, the cat did not leave, but patiently sat near his “exhibition”, waiting for the first one to appear at the door.

Charlie seems to be so grateful to the family for saving him that he now feels the need to thank them every day and makes strange gifts.

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