The sea threw a live cat on the island

The appearance of a cat on the island of Governors Island is shrouded in mystery: rescuers and workers from the resort park are only can guess the possible versions about this. Meanwhile, the fluffy lucky lady is looking for a suitable nickname.

As a result of the storm, the sea threw a wet, barely alive, unfortunate cat covered with algae onto the shore of the island. People can’t understand how miraculously the cat remained alive in the stormy waves. Probably, the animal drifted for a long time on the trunks and branches of trees until it washed ashore.

One thing is clear: only a strong desire to live and incredible dexterity helped the cat not to die in the abyss.If the real owners of the cat wont found out, the park workers want to keep the fluffy beauty at home. In addition, she managed to get used to and recover from abundant food and universal love. When reporters arrived on the island to take pictures of the cat, she hid in horror from people under the deck for parking water taxis. However, the journalists managed to stir up the heroine and even make her purr.

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