A family for Winnie, sent by fate

After Vinnie was hit by a car at 6 months of age, he had to learn to live with three legs. A Family Dog Rescue Volunteer took it to their home, trained it, and paid a lot of attention to dogs recovery. She struggled to persuade her acquaintances to adopt Winnie.

And finally, one family became seriously interested in the dog, and on Saturday afternoon they gave their final consent to adopt it. This meeting was destined for. One fine day, Winnie got a wonderful house where, behind a high fence, it could play with its family: mom, dad, their children, as well as with another dog and cat.

Now the dog is learning to swim and play, every day has a beneficial effect on its recovery, and the dog is returning to a full life before our eyes. The family shared that it was love at first sight. They weren’t sure they needed another dog. But the husband once saw Winnie in San Francisco, where a woman walked it, and immediately realized that he wanted to see that dog in his family. Winnie became an example for daughters and a true friend to their pets. Its eyes lit up again and filled with happiness, and great love and gratitude for the new family settled in its heart.

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