This previously ’ broken’ dog has the biggest smile on his face when he understands he is rescued

This cute little dog was once broken with a sorrowful smile on his face.

When he met his foster mom everything started changing in his life.

He understood that he is saved. He was found by the animal control when he was hit by the car.

He had a gunshot injury on his back leg.

They took him to a shelter, but unfortunately they couldn’t keep him there for a long time.

There weren’t many resources, so he couldn’t receive the care he needed.

He was physically and psychologically broken.

Luckily a volunteer from a dog rescue saved him from a shelter. He was then moved to Valasquez’s home.

There he little by little started eating and enjoying life.

He even started smiling and feels himself happy.

He knew he is now surrounded with nice people, and he is in a safe place.

He enjoys staying in his foster family.

All he is waiting for now is to get adopted by a new family.

He has a very impressive character and can get along with everybody.

Despite the difficulties that he faced in his life, he is still soft.

Now he has a big pleasant smile on his face. That smile shows that he is surrounded with loving and caring people.

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