Like most pet keepers, the basketball player Brooke Lopez adores his cat too.

A cat named Pope was rescued by his owner in the US, who spared no expense to send his beloved cat away from the horrors of a fire that flared up on the slopes of the hills in the Bel Air area of Los Angeles.

So when the Lakers training center had to evacuate from Bel Air and the team was getting ready to fly out to a road game, he spared no expense to make sure his furry animal was okay.Lopez sent Pope with a private car jusy to stay with his mother . It’s about a four hour trip. He was forced to evacuate when a real forest fire broke out at the Sepulveda Pass in the morning in early December, which, in dry and windy weather, went through the fire tornado throughout the nearby hills and around the city.

The fire eventually covered over 400 acres and destroyed six homes. Deborah Ledford also said that, fortunately, the fire did not take over her son’s house, but still the sight she saw on TV was heartbreaking.In the end, the whole story with the fire and the evacuation of the fluffy cat Pope in Fresno by a private haulier at a cosmic price ended happily.

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