British farmers choose three-legged Shepherd Dog as Dog of the Year

Sheepdog named Jack from Wales has been named Dog of the Year by British Farmers. The Reese family wrote a touching letter to the agricultural union with the life story of their pet, who had to endure so much.

The fact is that recently Jack now has only three legs instead of four. This happened after a car accident. However, forced disability did not prevent the dog from returning to his duties on the farm of Ian and Ruth Reese in Wales.

Meanwhile, the National Farmers Union of Great Britain announced a large-scale competition to determine the Best Dog of the Year. To do this, it was necessary to send a photo of the pet and describe its advantages in 140 words. The Reese family did not stint on epithets for their beloved dog, and as a result, the judging panel was very impressed with the merits of Jack and his truly difficult lot.

A three-legged shepherd dog named Jack was recognized as the winner by the total number of votes.According to experts, the competition was intended for all dogs, regardless of breed and size. The commission was inundated with letters and pictures of various dogs, but the story of Jack touched its members like no other.

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