St. Bernard Moe from South Dakota has the longest tongue

The absolute champion for the length of the dog tongues now is a dog named Bernard Moe. His tongue reaches a length of 18.58 cm, and the previous record was only 11.43 cm and belonged to a Pekingese named Puggy.

Moe’s landlady, Carla Rickert, has to constantly stop on the street and tell interested passers-by why Moe has such a long tongue.Mo is a foundling who was adopted from a shelter when it was 2 years old. Of course, the champion also has problems: shortness of breath, excessive salivation, especially when it is nervous, inconvenience when eating or grabbing objects from the floor.

Mo has got into the Guinness Book of Records, in the “Outstanding Animals” section. Here, it sits next to the fastest, biggest, and tallest champions.

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