Determined parents created a custom wheelchair for their 7-month-old baby girl: the result is amazing

Kimberly and Brad Moore are ordinary loving parents, though their baby was born with special needs.

After their baby girl came into this world, it turned out she was disabled.

Her parents couldn’t stay indifferent and for accelerating the recovery process they made a wheelchair for their angel named Evelyn.

They learned from an online tutorial to make the machine, and the result was perfect taking them about $100.

Unfortunately, the baby was diagnosed with neuroblastomas and spinal cancer, when she was only 4 months old.

Their life completely changed from that day, though they tried to keep themselves strong.

Doctors advised Kimberly and Brad to wait until Evelyn would turn 2 for buying a wheelchair.

However, her parents couldn’t wait, they wanted to see her “walking and running” even with her “steel” friend.

Luckily, Evelyn accepted her machine joyfully, which later became her inseparable friend.

The equipment had a cutting board, wheels, and a Bamboo chair.

Pediatric oncologist Bev Wilson mentioned that Evelyn was a happy child though she had tasted so many painful days.

The sweet angel now also attends to the nurses with a wide smile on her face.

She loves life, she admits the whole beautiful side of life.

Moreover, she is fond of playing with other kids, or all the kids in the world.

The couple tries their best to be sure Evelyn has a normal childhood.

Though they face many hardships they are proud to see Evelyn’s happy smiling face, and due to this, her health is getting better day by day.

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