Cute moment a firefighter gets a ‘thank you’ kiss from a dog whom he rescues from the roof

The Wells, Maine police department got many calls from local residents that there was a husky stuck on their roof.

The dog was known to be very curious, and the residents were worried thinking what he did on the roof.

They didn’t even understand how the dog got there.

That dog was a husky-gross, and the worried local residents were scared.

The firefighter rushed to the place of the incident.

He climbed on the second floor and to his surprise the dog approached him to warmly say ‘hi”.

The photographer however could capture this magnificent moment when the dogs kiss the person who helped him.

It was a very touchy and sweet moment. Local residents were shocked to see such a view.

It showed the kind heart, compassion and understand that dogs have!

They are very intelligent and smart.

He gave a ”thank you” kiss to a person who guided him back to the house. It was so sweet to observe them.

Dear Captain got kisses from a lovely husky. What can be more heartwarming and sweet.

He said he could have never imagined getting a thank-you kiss from a dog.

It’s so sweet to see a dog expressing his gratitude to a firefighter.

This incident definitely made his day!

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