The cat saved its neighbor from melancholy

A woman named Laura was very sad after her cat died . But one day a pet of her neighbors which was named Simba visited her , since then it has become a regular guest in her house.

The cat saved its neighbor from longing
When Laura moved into a new home with her cat Ella, they were regularly visited by a neighbors cat named Simba.
The pet was watching its guest from afar. Simba turned out to be unusually friendly and regularly came to their house, as if expressing its greeting. Ella at this time was watching it from a distance. Laura said it looked very nice.

When the woman’s cat became ill, it had to be euthanized. Ella lived with a woman for 17 years and it was very difficult to survive the death of a beloved animal. Since then, Simba no longer came to them, because there was no longer a need for this.

But a few weeks later the cat returned again and from that moment began to come twice a week to visit its neighbor.
Simba likes it when Laura strokes it and takes it on her shoulder, at these moments the cat begins to fawn and purrs very loudly.

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