A deaf dog that hears with its heart

Denise and Frank Sebastinelli have been raising a deaf dog named Bo, who has become a therapist and helps people cope with stress and illness in their difficult life situations.

They sincerely believe in its positive impact on the condition of people. With proper training, deaf dogs can visit medical centers that are quite noisy, go to hospices, visit nursing homes. There they spend a lot of time, providing invaluable assistance to sick people, and those who simply lack human attention, love and care.As a rule, a deaf dog stays in a calm relaxed state. This is very important, because it is in this case that it will be able to concentrate all its attention on patients and their families. So she can convey positive energy, a sense of comfort and security. This is what help looks like from Bo and other dogs like it, who are doing everything possible to ensure that a person recovers.

They took Bo home, surrounded it with care and attention, and also enrolled it in the Therapy Dog Training Organization. At times it was very difficult, but endless faith and regular training gave their results. Bo is a very unusual and special dog who feels everything and hears with its heart, and this amazes everyone who meets it.

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