The Captain Cat Helping His Deaf Master

The man, who is a sailor, took a cat with him on an expedition to the shores of New Zealand when it was only 4 months old. As if intuition told Paul to take the animal with him. Since then, Scutty (the cat) has become a faithful assistant to his master.

The man said that during the first trip the cat did not get off his knees, at first he was scared, but then he got used to it and was even able to relax. It fell out of the boat only twice, and then only because it leaned out of it too much. But Paul always watches over his pet, so he immediately pulled it out and dried it with a towel.

The cat loves to sit near to its owner and watch his actions. And in the evenings, the animal becomes very active and begins to run all over the boat until it calms down.

Note that the full name of the pet is Strauss von Skattebol, and it became Paul’s indispensable companion. This is due to the fact that the man is completely deaf, and the cat has become his ears in the outside world.

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