Schoolboy helps shelters by drawing portraits of animals

10-year-old Pasha Abramov from Arzamas draws portraits of animals to order. But the boy spends the payment for his work on funds and food for homeless animals from shelters. When the American website Bored Panda wrote about Pasha last year, he had no shortage of orders.

«A lot has happened in our project this year. «Pavel Abramov’s Kind Brush is now an international project to help animals in shelters. As of today, Pasha has sent about 150 drawings to 15 countries around the world, and about 1,000 orders are still in the queue. Thanks to this, we were able to donate more than 3000 kg of food, medicine, household goods, repair materials and household appliances to the «Life» shelter, as well as transfer money,» says the boy’s mother, Ekaterina.

Thanks to the large number of orders, Pasha’s project grew quickly. Now he helps not only orphanages in Arzamas, but also in other Russian cities. And also — recently the boy opened his own drawing studio «Paw of Friendship», where its permanent residents — stray cats — live. In addition to drawing classes, the studio holds other useful and interesting activities.

The boy’s mother says that Pavel comes up with all the ideas himself, and his parents only help him implement them.

«In the studio, together with his family and friends, Pavel implements various ideas to help homeless animals. Stray cats also live here. We picked them up on the street, they are healthy, vaccinated, have veterinary certificates, and we are looking for new owners for them among our guests,» continues Catherine.

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