Australian man has been traveling the continent with his cat for more than two years

It’s been 2.5 years since an Australian named Rich quit his job, sold his house and started traveling around the countrys with his cat Willow.
He and his cat have already traveled thousands of kilometers across the country. Like the owner, the pet enjoys life on wheels.

Until 2015, Rich lived with his pet Willow in Tasmania. When the guy quit his job and sell his house to go on a trip, he realized that he could not leave the animal.

In February of this year, travelers reached South Australia and have already visited six Australian states.
Willow wears a special collar around its neck, with which the owner can track the location of the animal. However, apparently, the cat is not going anywhere to run away.

The cat spends its time by exploring the new terrain with curiosity.
They have come a long way and managed to see many places. He cannot imagine his adventure without his friend.

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