The pony left the forest fire in the back seat of the car

On Monday, Lauren Mezaros, a nurse, received an evacuation order over the phone because her property was in the area of a raging forest fire. It didn’t take long for Lauren herself to get ready, it was more difficult to prepare all the horses she had: Gypsy, Connie and Stardust.

She was able to accommodate two horses in the trailer, but there was not enough room for a small pony. There was no time and opportunity to find another transport, but Lauren did not lost herself.With the help of neighbor Carol Spears, a “horse whisperer”, Lauren tried to lure a pony into the back seat of her car.

But the horse did not have to be persuaded for a long time, it jumped into the back seat like a dog! Other neighbors who watched this funny picture managed to take a couple of pictures for Facebook.Lauren and her horses found temporary shelter at a horse ranch near Sebastopol, where she eagerly awaited news of her home. When she learned that her house had been saved from the fire, she was relieved to note that if an animal lover needs to evacuate, then you need to take the most necessary things, espacially your pets.

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