Iranian woman has experienced 50 plastic surgeries to resemble Angelina Jolie: now she looks like a zombie

A nineteen-year-old girl whose name is Sahar Tabar undertook 50 plastic operations and lose weight up to 40 kilograms to resemble the famous actress.

However, the final result was not the expected and wanted.

She seemed to be so odd-looking that the woman is confronted with a living ghost and a horror heroine.

Actually, before the operation, Sahar Tabar was a nice and charming girl.

However, she had dreamed so much of becoming a copy of Angelina Jolie that she decided to experience several dozen of surgeries.

So, for several years, step by step, she has come closer to her ideal of her.

Tabar imitates her idol in everything, starting with her extreme thinness.

She was on a diet for many months to lose weight up to 40 kilograms with a height of 146 centimeters and only then did she start the operations.

For a greater resemblance to the star, Tabar applies bright model makeup.

The young woman sacrificed herself undertaking so many pointless surgeries.

Many publications specify that it is not Photoshop and that she has this appearance.

On the Internet, the young woman has been compared to the heroine Emily from Tim Burton’s “Corpse Bride”.

Likewise, the famous heroine from the movie “Annabelle”.

Though she has a few Instagram posts, she already has 300,000 followers and advertises other smartphone accessories too.

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