In California, a girl escaped a forest fire on a bicycle with a dog tied to her back

Natasha Wallace, a resident of the town of Santa Rosa (California, USA), was returning home at about two in the morning and saw that a wall of fire was rapidly approaching the city from the side of the freeway.

The girl quickly realized that the forest fire was heading straight for her house, but instead of saving herself, she rushed home, where her faithful dog Bentley was waiting for her.Grabbing a four-year-old pit bull, Natasha put him in the car and stepped on the gas, but very quickly the girl got into a traffic jam, and meanwhile the fire was getting closer.

Then the girl turned back, left the car in the yard, and made the 30-kilogram dog climb into the bag, telling him: “Hey, this is serious, you just need to sit in the bag.” The dog unquestioningly complied with the command of the hostess, and then Natasha tied the bag to her back, got on the bike and began to pedal with all diligence.Thus, the girl drove her dog for several kilometers until they were noticed and picked up by the driver of a passing car.

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